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Indigenous Sails has its office in a renovated storage building in the harbor area in Amsterdam, not far from the Amsterdam Central Station. Our address is Van Diemenstraat 88, 1011 CN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our email:


Indigenous Sails is interested in your feedback. If you have visited one of the places mentioned on this site, and you’ve discovered that the local boat situation is different from what is described here, please let us know.

If you are a commercial operator of exotic sailing craft (a sail is a must, no information on paddling canoes please) described on this site, you could also contact us. Possible we will mention you and your enterprise when we periodically update the site.

Did you come across a type of exotic sailing boat deserving the attention of Indigenous Sails? Send us the specific information related to it, preferably with quality pictures, and after we have collected more information on it via our own local and international contacts we might include it in a updated version of this website.